Active phishing attacks in Denmark

The latest insights into the biggest phishing attacks on companies headquartered in Denmark, and the best ways to stay safe

October 26, 2022
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Sponsors: CPH Airport & Novozymes

Date & Time: 26.10 15:00 CET

Summary: Between 80-90% of breaches contain the human element of social engineering and, usually, phishing. Mikael Knus and Alice Ågren from Hoxhunt will present new insights and information on the latest email threats confronting Danish companies and their global satellite offices. The threats revealed in this webinar will be at the cutting edge of the constantly-evolving threat landscape, because they are actual phishing attacks reported by the Hoxhunt human sensor network.

But this presentation goes even further. Supported by data on phishing-related behavior of over 1 million users, Mikael and Alice will submit compelling evidence to answer the most important questions on social engineering, risk, and cybersecurity awareness & phishing training:

  • Does awareness training really work?
  • If so, why?
  • What are the keys to a successful security program; one that actually lowers risk of a breach?



Who we are, what we will present, and how we will answer the biggest questions on everyone’s minds: "Does awareness training work? Can we reduce bad clicks and lower risk of phishing breaches?"

Problem landscape - Alice

Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated and prolific

Top Active Attacks in Denmark - Mikael

Real attacks and they work

Top Active Attacks in Other Regions - Mikael

Real attacks on relevant regions, and how they work

Cybersecurity behavior and risk statistics - Alice

The world's first glimpse at awareness training statistics on phishing simulation performance and real threat reporting behavior change