Hoxhunt joins Microsoft Partner Network as Local Growth Partner!

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Hoxhunt recently achieved membership to the local partner portfolio of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), and will be included in listings on Microsoft Appsource and Azure Marketplace. Now, organizations running on systems like Microsoft 365 or Azure can easily access Hoxhunt’s individualized cybersecurity awareness and behavior change training, and lower risk of breaches across the whole organization.

The best part? Seamless integration: the Hoxhunt platform does all the heavy lifting, from automated and individualized training programs to reporting.Some key features:

  • Removes threats in real-time with integration to Microsoft security products
  • Connects data to existing platforms like, for example, Sentinel
  • 10x more threat data from users
  • Platform adapts to incident response process
  • Hoxhunt experts are available to further improve and streamline the response process

Adding value

To get to this point, Hoxhunt was deliberately optimized for existing Microsoft 365 customers deeply integrated in the Microsoft ecosystem. Essentially, we create and add value for Microsoft customers.Meeting the standards of becoming a growth partner wasn’t easy, and we are thrilled at our inclusion. As a technology company laser-focused on people, we’re especially psyched to turn more people on to cybersecurity and inspire employees to collectively form a human firewall.Having worked with all kinds of businesses - from SMBs to Fortune 500s - at all stages of information security maturity, we know how to gamify and communicate the topic to achieve engagement and motivate real change.“When selecting new companies to join the MPN, we are looking for those with the most growth potential, those that are growing the fastest, those that are willing to meet the challenges of growth, and ultimately those partners with solutions that benefit our customers, bringing value-adding solutions into our ecosystem,” said Inari Bergius, Strategic Partnerships Development Manager at Microsoft.

Gamified, individualized, and automated… oh, my!

Imagine being able to concentrate solely on high-level security communication with your organization. Hoxhunt helps you do that. The platform automatically trains employees along individualized learning paths with user-appropriate difficulty levels in the gamified programs.Training is connected to threat intelligence, which allows customers to remove threats from Microsoft 365 in real time. Whether you have been running a security program containing dated, one-size-fits-all phishing tools, or you just started a new employee-focused cybersecurity program, plugging in Hoxhunt requires minimal effort and promises maximum results.

Good metrics guide better results!

Hoxhunt follows a different metric of success for risk mitigation: employee engagement. Traditional pass/fail rates of tests provide very limited insight into your company’s true risk, while overemphasizing measured risk. You are truly reducing risk of security breaches across the company when people are actively engaged in training and in reporting threats, both simulated and real. That’s why Hoxhunt strives to create and constantly refresh awesome content relevant to all skill levels and current with the latest developments in threats.One employee report of a malicious email could save the whole company from a breach!

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