Hoxhunt recognized by G2 as Spring 2022 Leader and Best Usability in Security Awareness Training. G2 reviewers vote us into top place overall for Satisfaction and Ease of Use.

The G2 Spring 2022 Leader badges have been released, and Hoxhunt jumped to top positions in overall Satisfaction and Usability & Ease of Use. We are honored by the recognition from G2 and our users! G2 is the world’s leading software review site; and proud users of Hoxhunt security awareness training!

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Hoxhunt has been recognized by G2, the world's leading software review site, as a Spring 2022 Leader in Security Awareness Training. Hoxhunt has been voted by reviewers into top positions in overall satisfaction and usability & ease of use for Security Awareness Training software. Amazing! The people have spoken, and we are humbled by the overwhelmingly positive reviews from both our end-users and admins alike; no small feat! 

And oh, by the way: G2 themselves are proud Hoxhunt users. Learn how the wizards of software vendors selected us, and check out the positive results they’ve seen on reducing risk and lifting security culture while raising the profile of the infosec team! 

“This recognition is particularly gratifying because it comes from both the end-user employees as well as their admins, which validates our entire approach of being designed for people and built for enterprise," said Co-Founder and CEO, Mika Aalto. "Everyone has worked incredibly hard to advance the security awareness training experience to this point, innovating cutting-edge technology with a human touch.”

It’s been a record-breaking year for cyber attacks and data breaches. The White House has indicated that it's only going to get more challenging. Hoxhunt is here to do our part, empowering people to stay safe and protect their enterprises.  

We launched Hoxhunt in 2016 to transform the way enterprises train their employees against cybersecurity threats. Hackers target employees with social engineering, so we are pioneering the antidote: Behavioral Cybersecurity. Read the first Behavioral Cybersecurity Statistics report for insights gleaned from 1.6 million users' responses to 24.7 million phishing simulations. 

Unknowns are your biggest risk in cybersecurity. What's your biggest unknown? Learn the metrics that matter, and how to use them!

Hoxhunt has launched a suite of updates and new products to push awareness training to another level. For example, check out Instant Feedback, which instantaneously turns the real threats employees report into powerful learning experiences. Rather than losing threat reports into the ether, Hoxhunt teases apart the threat indicators and presents them to users for rewarding insights into the potentially malicious emails they’ve removed from the network. 

Ultimately, building awareness is all about people. All the complicated technology we’re pioneering serves the higher purpose of creating an experience that earns user buy-in. And guess what: it’s working!

Here’s what real people are saying about Hoxhunt.

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