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Tracking human risk is a challenging task. With several influencing factors, it's helpful to have different levels of evaluation at hand. You'll want one high-level number to track at a glance. Next, you can split the number into categories or focus areas you care about. Finally, you'll need detailed breakdowns of individual metrics to deeply analyze what's affecting your human cyber-risk.

One number to rule them all

Having a single high-level number is essential. It summarizes all the metrics and is easy to follow over time. By compiling the number from all your security metrics, it's not only inclusive but less volatile than individual metrics' performance.

Real threat detection scorecard

Our top-level score, the Hoxhunt Security Score, takes the average of all the sub-metric scores, equal-weighted. The score re-adjusts when you add or remove metrics. A score without context is just a number, so we place the score on one of three primary performance levels based on the normal distribution of all scores.

Those apples look much more secure than these oranges

You can't just mix everything and grab an average to calculate a score based on distinct metrics that measure highly variable topics. We've made the metrics comparable by standardizing all scores to a 0–100 scale. Regardless of the metric's results among Hoxhunt users, the worst measurement is set to zero, and the best is set to 100.

We're only human, after all

Recognizing that human cyber-risk is worth tracking and addressing is step one. The Hoxhunt Human Risk Dashboard is here to let you measure and understand your human cyber-risk. You can begin reducing risk by identifying your organization's riskiest user segments from the security metrics and driving behavior change with our platform.

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