From security awareness training to security behavior change

While employee behavior change is the primary objective of 84% of security awareness programs, less than half (43%) of them consistently measure it. Gartner estimates that by 2030, 80% of enterprises will have a formally defined and staffed Human Risk Management (HRM) program, up from 20% in 2022.

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Engineered to get results

Gamified micro-training (backed by science)

Punitive training doesn’t work. Hoxhunt rewards end users with gold stars and badges for successful reporting, and assigns short lessons after failure, to encourage learning and build skills that measurably changes behavior over time.

Gamified micro-training (backed by science)

Punitive training doesn’t work. Hoxhunt rewards people with gold stars and badges for success and assigns short lessons after failure to educate and build skills along a gamified learning path.

Personalized learning paths, managed by AI

Hoxhunt’s robust AI engine develops and distributes personalized learning paths for each and every end user based on their performance. Challenge your star pupils and educate your worst performers for better results.

Real-time analytics to track your human risk

Hoxhunt's real-time dashboards help you visualize and understand your organization's human cyber-risk so you can reduce it. Reveal key metrics like engagement rate, success/failure rates, threat reporting speed, and more.

Visualize results and get a score to track your security posture

Quantify and reduce your organization's human cyber-risk with real-time analytics that reveal key metrics like engagement rate, success and failure rates, and threat reporting speed.

Trusted by the enterprise

Global customer base

Hoxhunt works with hundreds of enterprise clients, helping them change behavior in millions of end users located across 129 countries.

Supports 30+ languages

Phishing attacks happen in many languages, so your simulations should, too. Hoxhunt simulations support 32 languages (and counting).

Security is our #1 priority

Hoxhunt holds itself to industry-leading privacy and security standards and takes responsibility for the security and privacy of user data.

Loved by security leaders & end users

"We've experienced a massive improvement in how we respond to phishing emails. We're a safer company and our customers are safer as well."

"I think this kind of training is needed in every workplace, and security breaches would decrease if everyone did this kind of training regularly."

"Email is by far the most important information sharing tool for me and Hoxhunt helps me to work with it in a more secure way."