Who can you trust? With Dan Lohrmann, CISO Presidio

Finding credible sources of information in cybersecurity as in fantasy football, with Dan Lohrmann

September 8, 2022
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Dan Lohrmann is the CISO at Presidio and the longtime former CISO of the state of Michigan. He's also a former quarterback and a valued member of the CISO Phish Bowl fantasy football league!

Dan joins the Sandbox to discuss the topic of trusted information.

With all the noise out there about the threat landscape and cybersecurity solutions, how do you find credible intelligence and vendors?

When the internet and social media appear bursting at the seams with so-called experts, who can you really trust?

It's hard enough in fantasy football to find a good scouting report. But who should we turn to for critical information on threats and security solutions? How do you get scouting reports on vendors and potentially vital security team hires?


Dan Lohrmann is the award-winning CISO and co-author along with Shamane Tan of Cyber Mayday: A Leader's Guide to Preparing, Managing, and Recovering from Inevitable Business Disruptions (Wiley, 2021). He is an internationally recognized cybersecurity leader, technologist, keynote speaker and author.