Reach every employee to reduce human cyber-risk

Traditional security awareness training programs often fail to engage employees, making them a potential risk to the company. To lower human cyber-risk, security awareness managers must cut through the noise to reach every employee.

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Reduce your human cyber risk
Hoxhunt's adaptive security training dramatically increases engagement and security resilience.
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It's the question on every security awareness manager's mind. How do you cut through the noise of a hectic corporate environment to reach every employee?

Busy professionals, overloaded with work and sales emails, often feel like they don't have time for generic phishing simulations.

Unfortunately, these unengaged employees can become your company’s biggest risk.

Cutting through the noise requires training each employee as an individual. It's time for security leaders to start transforming dull security awareness training into rewarding learning experiences. Meeting people where they are and motivating them to improve.

But with companies trying to cut and save security awareness budgets, how can security teams achieve this at scale?  

Put down the megaphone to increase threat detection

Legacy security awareness training programs are like megaphones: loud devices that broadcast grating messages that most people tune out. Security leaders expect employees to pay attention a few times a year, follow instructions, and prioritize security.

The problem is: this approach doesn’t work. Not well, at least.

At best, people are your most intelligent threat detection resource. But when security becomes an obstacle, people can consciously go against guidance. According to Gartner, 69% of employees say they knowingly bypass their company’s cybersecurity guidance. And that’s just the ones who paid attention.

People have common sense, but social engineers exploit basic behavioral psychology to manipulate your employees’ gut feelings. Data shows that 82% of data breaches contain a human element.

Your employees are individuals. Using your megaphone to shout guidelines from the rooftops will only get you so far.

Malicious actors are putting in effort to personalize their scams. Why aren’t you doing the same?

Personalize security awareness training at scale

We understand. Creating personalized phishing training and delivering it regularly isn’t easy. How are you supposed to know the exact type of training every one of your employees needs and have the time to implement it?

Short answer is, you’re not.

Solutions like Hoxhunt create individualized training paths for every employee, automatically. We adapt phishing simulations based on individual employee data, such as job role, location, language, skill level, and more.

Use Hoxhunt's automation to personalize phishing simulations for each employee

Additionally, security behavior and culture programs like Hoxhunt focus on positive reinforcement instead of punishment. The algorithm helps users learn by finding a level that is not too easy or too hard, but instead challenges them.

This unique approach delivers up to 40 times higher engagement rates than those of competing providers. After a year of using Hoxhunt, 60% of users actively report real and simulated threats. The fastest 10% of them report a threat in 55 seconds (Hoxhunt internal data, 2023).

High program engagement means high business impact. We demonstrate value by measuring how your employees reduce risk in the real world. This includes reporting real phishing emails, which sets us apart from other solutions.

From a compliance mindset to award-winning security culture

Don’t just take our word for it.

AES, a global energy company with over 9,000 employees, wanted to move beyond what they characterized as “a compliance mindset.”

Working with Hoxhunt, they developed an award-winning security awareness, phishing, and behavior change training program. Reporting rates increased by 525% and failure rates on phishing tests fell by 79%. Their results even garnered them CSO50 recognition.

[.c-quote-box][.c-quote-wrapper][.c-quote-icon][.c-quote-icon][.c-quote-right-col][.c-quote-text-wrapper][.c-quote-text]Prior to working with Hoxhunt, only about 10% of our employees reported phishes during our simulations. Post implementation of Hoxhunt, we’re somewhere between 65 and 70% of the company. Just getting that type of increase in engagement is a win.[.c-quote-text][.c-quote-text-wrapper][.c-quote-name-wrapper][.c-quote-name]Ryan Boulais, VP & Chief Information Security Officer at AES [.c-quote-name][.c-quote-name-wrapper][.c-quote-right-col][.c-quote-wrapper][.c-quote-box]

In their benchmark study, AES compared Hoxhunt to three other security training solutions and saw a 24-fold increase in resilience ratio. Read the full case study to learn more.

Reach every employee to reduce risk

Traditional security awareness training programs often fail to engage employees, making them a potential risk to the company. To lower human cyber-risk, security awareness managers must find a way to reach everyone with an inbox.

In today’s corporate environment, it’s also crucial to find ways to make training more interesting and motivating for employees. AI-based training solutions like Hoxhunt can create personalized training paths for employees based on their needs, at scale.

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